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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contacting Other Members3

How do I remove or delete messages?
I received a message from another member. How do I reply?

Open the message and simply type in the "send a reply" box and click Send Reply

How do I contact another member?

Open the person's profile you wish to message and on their header picture in the top right you will see "private message" Click that and send them a message.


Is the content censored?

Photos are not censored on this website including photos that contain full frontal nudity.

Is my privacy respected?

We do not share or sell data collected on members of CornFed Crew. Read our privacy policy for more details.

How To2

How to create a group

All members can create their own group. You can do this by clicking the "All Groups" link in the main menu and click "create group" or by clicking the group icon on the left bar and "create group"

How do I login to the website?

You can login to the website by using going here.


How do I log out?

Click the gears on the side bar and click Log Out

Can I change my password?

Login, click the gears on the left side bar, click General, from here you can change your password

I’ve forgotten my login details. How do I find them?

Click Here to reset your password.


Can I change my Username?

To change your username submit a request to the website administrator at: https://cornfedcrew.com/contact-usĀ 

How do I delete my profile?

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How do I set up my Profile?

On left side bar click Profile > Edit Profile

Are there any specific requirements for adding photos?

Info coming soon.

Does my photo automatically show on my profile?

Any photo added to your profile will show up automatically.

How do I add a photo to my profile?

On the left side bar click Profile > Change Profile Photo.

Safety and Privacy2

Can everyone see my profile?

Your profile is public to members of CornFed Crew however visitors who aren't signed in won't be able to view your profile.

Visitors however may be able to see your photo on the front page and your name.

How do I report someone?

You may contact the founder of CornFed crew by e-mailing him here.