About The Crew

CornFed Crew was founded on December 12, 2018 by Matt Crawford of Iowa. This is a non-sexual nudist club that doesn’t participate in sexual activities with other members. We consider ourselves a “wholesome” nudist club which thrives on traditional nudist value. Our members often enjoy simply relaxing, working or just hanging out in their birthday suit.

Club Goals

As a club we have several goals which several are outlined below.

  • To be an active non-sexual club in Iowa.
  • Have regular group gatherings & events.
  • To accept & allow singles to join in club activities.
  • Simply to enjoy life and everything nudism has to offer.

Club Rules

  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Do not share private information about another individual without consent.
  • Members must be at least 18 years old.
  • No hitting on or requesting sexual favors from members.
  • No sending close up of genitals or other body parts to other members.
  • Sexual behavior will NOT be tolerated.

About The Founder

The founder of CornFed Crew is non other than Matt Crawford who has been a nudist since he was a child living at his parents house where he would sneak around the house nude at night simply to watch tv or pretend being nude was “normal”. Growing up he wished his parents were nudists so he was free to roam around nude but atlas they weren’t so he wasn’t allowed that freedom.

When Matt got older he started seeking others who enjoyed simply being nude and found a lot of folks on Twitter who seemed to enjoy the same freedom.

For several years now matt has expressed his love for nudism openly with the twitter community (@t3dus) and has publicly shared countless nude photos of himself enjoying the lifestyle without shame. Matt owns and runs Earth Naturists which is a forum community for naturists around the globe. Matt also runs a business called Snap Geek Photography as well as his personal blog at t3dus.com

Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt enjoying a public trail nude
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt in his home office.
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt in his backyard.