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Fall is here

Fall is here

Fall has arrived here in Iowa which means old man winter will quickly follow behind. Kids seem to love this time of year especially around Christmas time but for parents this time of year can get very very busy which also means less time to spend nude or enjoy nudist activities.

If you are anything like myself you tend to stay dressed more during the Fall and Winter months and rarely spend much time nude at all. Regardless I do plan to strip down in my yard for a few new fall photos that I want to take to share on my twitter and simply to enjoy as much nude time as possible until the snow falls.

Matt in 2017 on his back deck

The winter months also means that club gatherings for CornFed Crew may not happen as some folks likely aren’t able to travel much in the cold and snow which is totally fine.

CornFed Crew will be starting up some virtual meetings were members of CornFed Crew can meet virtually through their smart phones or computers equipped with webcams and we can discuss and see each other face to face while doing so.

If you are a member of CornFed Crew please keep an eye out in your e-mails for links to said virtual meetings in the near future!

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